Whisper Magazine talk Punk and Décor

"My first thought of the track is that it feels very much like the beautifully messy love child of Nirvana & The 1975 in their prime, all the best parts of alternative rock that make any walk to Tesco with earphones in feel like a pivotal march of rebellion" Read More

The PRSD on Body: "Brash and Chantable"

"The Powderham Live performance of Body captures that electricity without losing the sense of nervy amorous adventure all wrapped up in an indie Frankenstein alt-rock package" Read More

Flare Magazine's review of "Body"

"Starting off strong, the track itself opens with some immediately captivating riffs that firmly set Body within the alt rock genre. Having already been drawn in by the sound, Josh DC & The Anti-Heroes have really mastered the art of creating a solid base for a track before any vocals are even introduced. Body really shows a clear passion for writing and creating music as well as a serious knowledge of the genre it sits within" Read More